Your a Wizard ‘arry!, Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets

It’s wonderful how them famous 4 words continue to grip the nation with spell binding thoughts of magic and mystery, welcome to the world of Harry Potter.

I have been a hopeless addict right from the word go with my imagination running free at the concept of mythical wonders. Like the majority, I buy into the fantasy, sitting in anticipation, waiting for the owl to drop by my letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Alas, the closest I have ever come is my World of Magic book, including my own Marauders Map and Dumbledore Chocolate Frog playing card, and a slight headache gained from hitting Platform 9 and ¾ a little too hard.

Baring in mind the possible chaos that could occur when placing me a little too close to Dobby the House elf, my mother still thought it wise to get Sam and Myself tickets to the Warner Brother Studio Tour in London for September 10th 2012. Naturally I wasn’t going to rest until I got the tickets and I’m beyond itching to get there now, as time progresses we see ever more Facebook albums of those lucky souls who have already experienced the magic of Harrys World! Jealous would be an understatement when photographs such as the below emerge.

I don’t really think it’s appropriate to share this story but I’m going to anyway.. Ok so my friend had just been to the opening of the Warner Brother Studio Tour, so photographs were flowing on Facebook, I was so excited, I continued to shriek at Sam with joy saying ‘that’ll be us soon!’ .. but the further into the album I got, the more overwhelming it became, I just cried, I was so excited I couldn’t do anything but cry! .. what an idiot I really am! Haa! I hope I feel excitement like that on my wedding day!

Our tickets arrived the other day and I did however manage to retain my dignity. I’m so excited, September needs to hurry up! We’ve booked the week off work so this will be the perfect way to start our time off.

Keep a look out for our review and endless photographs once we’ve been! Until then.. stay magical 😉

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One thought on “Your a Wizard ‘arry!, Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow this is so ironic! I just posted a Harry Potter themed entry on my blog ( and then I see this! I am so incredibly jealous of you! I look forward to hearing your experiences. I don’t blame you for crying at all — it so magical!!!!! I really want to go to Hogwarts in Disney World but the studio tour sounds waaaay better!

    <3 — Sarah

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