Royal Family; Will’s married the wrong sister..


Pippa Middleton caused a stir around the world yesterday as she graced the Royal Wedding with elegance and perfection. On lookers watched as the maid of honour, sister to Kate, glided around in her breath taking cowl neck dress, extenuating her slender figure. Twitter was reported to have thousands of comments suggesting she looked ‘absolutely stunning’ and referred to Middleton as ‘the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life’.

Middleton’s beauty struck us all, leading to many joke Facebook ‘like’ paged to be set up about the sister. Some of my favourites are:

When Prince Harry grafted on Kates sister 29/04/11
Pippa Middleton to replace Cheryl Cole on the XFactor

Facebook like pages have also been created in relation to other events going on at the Royal Wedding, such as the dire state of Princess Beatrice’s hat. Some of my favourites in relation to the day are as follows:
The giant pretzel which accidently got caught to Princess Beatrice’s head
The demon child at the Royal Wedding

Enjoy, and let us know any other’s you find amusing!

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