Travel Accessories; why a Luggage Tag is the best.

Travelling, wonderful as it is, doesn’t bring with it too much luxury. As a traveller you must be prepared to leave the glam and the style at home, this is why I honestly feel something as simple as a luggage tag is one of the most important travel accessories you can take with you. Travelling back from Thailand to the UK this summer I lost my bag, well I say lost, but what actually happened was somebody with the exact same bag took mine. Shock when he got home and discovered my bloomers right? I’ve been shopping around for unique pieces that reflect my personality and stumbled across a fantastic, unique brand HYKC who make handmade and up cycled accessories for travellers!

Kenji, creator of HYKC, kindly made me my very own personalised luggage tag, I love it! How cute!
Kenji’s reason for making luggage tag’s was due to a friend being in a position where their luggage was taken by someone since all the luggage’s look so similar, and so Kenji thought why not put a tag on my luggage to avoid this confusion again in the future. Kenji wanted to make their brand look stylish and stand out from the crowd, he chose this thick leather material to make it more durative as well as striking on the eye!

Kenji told me abit about his background: “I am a fashion designer and I am always enthusiastic with applying leather into my design. Before I graduated with a fashion degree, I often designed some handbags to my friends as a gift. They absolutely loved my design and thought I would start up a good business on my own. So I decided to give it a go”.

Kenji is one talented designer and I would highly recommend his products, take a look at alternative products he produces such as cardholders and camera straps. These are all tailor made via request, products can be purchased via his Etsy shop.

Kenji is found on social media as below so be sure to check him out!

Rebekah xx

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2 thoughts on “Travel Accessories; why a Luggage Tag is the best.

  1. Sinead says:

    That is the cutest travel tag, I’m such a sucker for cute travel tags/ travel bags etc I have far to many haha!

  2. Michelle Murray says:

    This looks great and perfect for travelling. I will check this out

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