Global Rainbow; Olympic Games 2012

Begin a stereotypical female comes with its many stereotypes, one of which being we love twinkly lights. Having said that, the Global Rainbow, St Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay, Newcastle was fantastic making it a damn good job I asked on my feminine instincts.

The display was set up by American based artist Yvette Mattern as part of a collection of works known as Cultural Olympiad, demonstrating a series of art events throughout the UK on the run up to the Olympic games.
I wittered about going down to see it and it was well worth the drive! .. We hovered around for a good hour taking photos. The beams look different depending on the position of which you stand. Looking into the distance you see the beams merge into one, from the side beams shoot parallel to each other, and my personal favourite, looking towards the beams they widen as they shine into the sky.

So you know how we normally hate rain, well I do anyway.. Not tonight! .. The rain flickered though the beams giving the impression of glitter. Simply magnificent.
Me and my boyfriend both thought it was a wonderful thing to see, although I wouldn’t suggest you travel too far to go see it, if you’re in the area when Global Rainbow does its travels around the UK I would urge you pop down with your camera for half an hour!

I realise a tripod wouldn’t of gone a miss but unfortunatly I didn’t have one to hand! #photographyblunder! But I hope you get a feel for the lazers from at least one of my captures!

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3 thoughts on “Global Rainbow; Olympic Games 2012

  1. Rollicking says:

    ohhhh !!! This is amazing ! Nice photos 🙂

  2. Bug says:

    Great photos – and on your other posts too. This is sooooo pretty too.


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