Roadtrip USA: 10 reasons why you’re never too old for Disney Parks

This year, I hit the magical world of Disney in Orlando, Florida. Being a self-proclaimed Disney expert, along with being one of the biggest Harry Potter geek’s (and no, I’m not ashamed! J), I couldn’t travel the States without hitting up Disney. Here I give you 10 reasons why you’re never too old for the Parks.


1.  Splash Mountain: have you seen the size of the drop, any child daring the log flume is brave beyond mean in my opinion. My first visit to the parks was at the age of 7, mum and dad wouldn’t let me on because it was too frightening for me.. so this year I made the most of it! Everyone loves a souvenir snap!


2.   The Magic Kingdom ‘dream along with Micky’ stage show is bound to help you on your quest to perfect your dream wedding, purely magical!

3.   The food portions are definitely large enough to feed 4 small children never mind 1. Tuck in guilt free to your pizza and chips in the food court.

4.   The fairy floating about in the Disney store, Downtown Disney, will offer you a sprinkle of pixie dust. Willingly accept this offer and lose yourself in the fantasy moment when she casts her everlasting spell. ‘Bibbity bobity boo, may all of your wishes come true’, adulthood is over rated.


5.   The spectacular display of fireworks can only come close to the likes of Sydney at New Years. The kids aren’t going to appreciate them half as much as you, plus you get a better view, small children means no need to try and see over shoulders, result!


6.   You could do with being an accomplished swimmer to visit Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, when they turn that wave machine on you’re going to get, pretty much, the entire water pool to yourself. Not often that happens.

7.   It’s ok to get scared on the Haunted Mansion ride, no one knows who’s shrieking so no need to be embarrassed.

8.   No one looks at you funny when you take your autograph book and go find your favourite Disney characters. Besides, Chip & Dale much more accommodating than a Hollywood star sat eating their evening meal in a top restaurant.

9.   Walking around sober in Minnie Mouse ears is acceptable. The only other chance you get to do this is on a night out round Leeds right?


10. And finally, because Peter Pan taught us to never grow up! So embrace it!

Seriously, the Disney Parks perfectly accommodate adults, even offering adult only Disney cruises. I would potentially go as far to say Disney was one of my favourite destinations on my road trip across the USA, a welcome break and a time to purely forget all worries and enjoy the bliss of Disney.

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