Snowboarding; Excape Castleford

I’d love to be able to Snowboard, those Skiing holiday’s look so beautiful in the movies don’t they? And after Chalet Girl who can blame me for wanting to give it a go! .. I drive past Xscape in Castleford, Yorkshire every day for work, and we visit on average around 3 times a month for the Cinema/Bowing and just general eateries! .. it’s a great place that’s constantly buzzing! So I thought I’d book us in for a Snowboarding lesson (potentially another thing to add to my list of ‘can’t do’s’)

Me Sam and James booked in for a later lesson, thinking it may be a little less busy, resulting in less people to laugh at us falling. Having never snowboarded before we were signed up to the beginners class with another 4 people, all of the same level.  Assigned to an instructor he spent the first 30minutes(ish) taking us through the basics of actually putting the board on and being able to move around the snow on it, slightly tedious yet a necessary practice!

Once mastered we moved on to the more exciting elements of the lesson, actual snowboarding.

Walking up the hill we were asked to turn on the spot to face our board downhill, once comfortable lift our free foot and place it on the board allowing us to slide straight back down to the bottom of the slope. It’s safe to say it took me longer than most to master this one. Confidence 0%, potential of falling flat on my behind, a good 95% certain. However, I proved myself wrong and managed to stay upright for the duration of the activity. Snowboard 0 – 1 Rebekah.

The more I snowboarded the more my confidence grew, I guess that the same with anything, you fear falling over, once you’ve fallen you just carry on. We were introduced to some skills at this point.

Edging, the first one was called, this is where you learn to roll over, once upright and facing up the hill you are required to straighten up your legs, allowing the board to slide backwards, this is controlled by the balance in your legs, lean forward and you stop. In essence, you use the edge of the board to control movement.

For me, I found this pretty simple and easy to do, every time I got ahead of myself and found myself going a little too quick, I bent forward allowing the board edge to make contact with the snow, therefore stopping me.

The final skill we learned on our first lesson was the Zig Zag. Again, using the exact same process as Edging we were required to stand facing up the hill. Standing upright and adding pressure to their the left or the right allowed your board to glide in the desired direction, centralising the body over the board meant you were able to slide straight backwards as originally taught. This was fun! Up until this point I managed not to fall over! .. however a few near misses saw to me losing my balance and landing flat on my backside! (apologies Sam & James for nearly taking you both out! haa)

We were able to practice this skill until the end of our lesson. 90 minutes was spent learning these basic skills with an average price of lesson being set at around £30.

We all enjoyed the lesson and agreed to go back for stage 2 at some point in the not too distant future.

Look out for us on the Alps next winter!

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One thought on “Snowboarding; Excape Castleford

  1. Caroline says:

    That looks like so much fun! I’ve gone a few times and it’s really fun but barreling down a mountain still scares me to death!

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