Rihanna; Diamond World Tour

Well, it’s not often a support act is in danger of outshining the star of the show – but David Guetta came pretty close on at the Rihanna gig held at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland on thursday night.

I was slightly sceptical towards how club tracks would translate in the stadium but of course, Guetta managed to make it feel like an intimate dance floor and with his track record of hit after hit it proved impossible to shoe-horn them all into just a one hour set. The ones we were treated to though were jam-packed with energy and enthusiasm.

Next one it will be the Hadestown tour, Opening number Play Hard, featuring Ne-Yo and Akon, set the scene as he whipped the crowd who were filtering into the stadium into a sea of jumping bodies. Guetta maintained an exhilarating pace through tracks such as Sweat, Turn Me On and Titanium.

As he manned the decks, plumes of smoke and red ribbons billowed into the audience and we were sad to see Guetta vacate after his hour set.

Remembering why we were at the Rihanna concert we re-aligned our spirits and geared up for the next 2 hours with Riri

The 25-year-old opened the show with one of my personal favourites from her Diamond’s tour ‘Fresh of the Runway’, her enterance was enjoyable, however I question how she has eight albums to her name and has sold more than 100 million records.

Rihanna’s band took the limelight on several occasions during the singers long costume changes making me forget I was actually at a Rihanna gig at times.

Although I critisize Rihanna’s effort all the hits were there. ‘S&M’, ‘Rude Boy’, ‘What’s My Name’ and many more, while ‘Umbrella’ ironically popped up as the rain began to fall.

“I love your energy, Sunderland,” Rihanna told the crowd as she headed down the runway for the final song, Diamonds, but it’s difficult to return the comment Rihanna, your energy was somewhat questionable.

Although Rihanna’s performance was not one of the most memorable, it was still a pleasure to sit though a number of hits that I’ve enjoyed throughout my youth.. Keep doing what your doing Riri .. and thank god for auto tune.

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